A diagnostic dumper for DirectX 8. Also includes a dynamic DirectX DLL loader, to prevent run-time DLL dependency.


My unofficial homepage for Tom van Dijck's MudgeFont bitmap font creator. MudgeFont makes it easy to add proportionally-spaced (or monospaced) fonts to your games.


A tiny program that makes it easy to run scripts from the Windows command-line shell.

JSON Library

A simple JSON scanner / parser / formatter library in C.


A drop-in wrapper for the monotone command-line utility. monotone is a cross-platform distributed revision control system; m7 adds some experimental features, including local revision numbers and an enhanced annotate mode.


A convenient super-high-performance timer for Windows.


A simple Python script that generates simple lexical scanners in C using switch statements. The resulting scanners are generally portable (Win32, x86 Linux, OS X) and are incredibly fast.


A cheap & sleazy library for DirectX8 that takes a screenshot and writes it to disk as a PNG file. Requires Zlib and libpng.


A quick hack: detects if you're using Cog in files where your Makefile thinks you aren't.


An implementation of a FORTH-like language in Java. Incredibly old and unsupported.

Unreal 1.01 And Me

A creaky old (but true!) story from the early days of online multiplayer gaming, about how I came to write the Unreal 1.01 patch back in 1998.